All the ISPC Certified Coaches and Coaching Trainers subscribe totally the ISPC Ethical Code. 
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António Guimarães CPPC; CCT Read More
António Miguel CAC Read More
António Gil Mesquita CAC
António Paiva CAC
Alberto Neves    CPPC Read More
Adriana Melo CAC
António Serrano CPPC Read More
André Vasconcelos CAC
António J. Macedo Albuquerque CPPC; CCT Read More
Ana Cristina Costa CPPC
Ana Cristina Sousa CAC Read More
Ana Leite CAC
Ana Maria Baracho CAC
Ana Paula Pimentel CAC
Ana Paula Saraiva CPPC
Ana Sofia Coelho Batista CAC Read More
Ana Alexandra Santos CAC
Ana Alexandra Gomes CAC
Ana Maria Gonçalves CAC
Ana Filipa Costa CAC
António Flor CAC Read More
Ana Filipa Oliveira CAC
Ana Margarida Cordeiro Guedes CPPC Read More
Ana Margarida Charouco CAC
Ana Barrocas CPPC Read More
Ana Dulce Ferreira CAC
Ana Maria Oliveira CAC
Andrea Domingos CAC
Artur Barata Delgado CPPC Read More
Artur Sousa Dias CPPC Read More
Ana Coelho CPPC Read More
Ana Santiago CAC Read More
Ana Paula Fernandes CAC
Ana Paula Coelho CPPC
Ana Isabel Reinas CAC
Anabela Simões CAC
António Calheiros CAC Read More
António Martins CAC
Angelo Silva Conde CPPC Read More
Ângela Sousa CAC
Andrea Queirós Teves CAC Read More
Andreia Pereira  CAC
Alcino Rodrigues CPPC Read More
Alice Sequeira CAC
Alexandra Camacho CAC
Andreia Serralheiro Rosa CAC Read More
Ana Cristina Araújo CAC
Ana Paula Saraiva CPPC Read More
Ana Macedo CAC
Andreia Pitta-Groz CAC Read More
Andreia Rosa CAC
Ana Alexandra Lourido CAC Read More
António Palma Rosinha CAC Read More
Andreia Araújo CAC Read More
Alexandra Duarte CAC
Alexandra Gomes CAC Read More
Alexandra Mendes CPPC
Ana Canhola CAC Read More
Ana André CAC, CCT Read More
Auta Nogueira CAC
Branca Amorim CAC Read More
Bruno Marques CAC Read More
Bruno Teixeira CPPC Read More
Bruno Policarpo CAC

Carina Marques CPPC Read More
Cátia Sá CAC
Carmen Branco Martins CPPC Read More
Carmo Neves CPPC Read More
Carla Alexandra Serino Gaspar CPPC Read More
Carla Carlos CAC
Carla Carneiro CAC
Carla Maria Silva CAC
Carla Fernandes CAC
Carla Guiomar CAC
Carla Maria Fernandes CPPC Read More
Carla Cristina Fernandes CAC
Carla Gonçalves CAC
Carla Maria G. Silva CPPC Read More
Carla Silva  CAC
Carla Sofia Oliveira CAC
Carla Quaresma CPPC Read More
Carla Pinho Costa CAC
Carles Alemany CAC
Carlos Marques CAC
Carlos Ramos CAC Read More
Carolina Vilar
CAC Read More
Caroline Fioravante CPPC Read More
Catarina Costa CAC Read More
Catarina Braga CAC
Cecília Fernandes Monteiro CPPC Read More
Cláudia Alves CAC Read More
Claúdia Leão CAC
Corina Barreiros Farias CAC Read More
Cristina Dionísio CAC
Cristina Breia CAC; CCT Read More
Cristina Pereira CAC
Cristina Santos Pinto CPPC Read More
Cristina Bento CPPC
Cristina Sousa CAC
Cristina Trovão CAC, CCT Read More
Cristina Rivotti  CAC
Constantino Borges CAC
Cátia Carneiro
CAC Read More
Daniel de Almeida Santos CAC Read More
Daniel Leça CAC
Daniel Silva CAC Read More
David Rocha CAC
Diana Vieira CAC
Diana Lapa CAC Read More
Dina Ramos CAC; CCT Read More
Dina Bártolo CAC Read More

Eduardo José Moreira Almeida CAC Read More
Eduardo Nuno Faria CAC
Edite Clara Cabral Abrantes CPPC; CCT Read More
Elisa Evangelista CAC
Elizabeth Ribeiro CPPC
Elizabete Neves CAC
Elsa Ângelo CPPC Read More
Elsa Ferreira CAC
Enrique Jimenez Soler CPMC; CMCT Read More
Eunice Costa Correia CPPC Read More
Emília Quelhas Costa
CAC Read More
Fábia Martins CPPC Read More
Fabricio Decio CAC
Fátima Araújo  CAC
Fátima Matos CPMC; CMCT Read More
Fátima Moniz CAC Read More
Fátima Sendim CAC Read More
Fátima Silva CAC Read More
Fátima Pinheiro de Araújo CAC
Fernando Torre CPPC; CCT Read More
Filipa Oliveira CPPC Read More
Filipa Guimarães CAC
Filipa Vicente CAC
Filipe Coutinho CAC
Filomena Barros CAC Read More
Filomena Morais CPPC Read More
Flávio Varela Tavares CAC Read More
Frederico Lapa CAC Read More
Francisco Delgado CAC

Gisela Carrilho CPPC Read More
Gil Mesquita CPPC Read More
Gonçalo Oliveira Serra CAC Read More
Hélder Faria CAC Read More
Helder Rosado  CAC
Helena Pacheco de Carvalho CPPC Read More
Helena Paula Faria CPPC Read More
Helena Sá Pombares CAC
Helena Santos CAC Read More
Hugo Gonçalves CAC Read More
Humberto Feriato CAC
Helena Miranda
CAC Read More

Idalina Martins CAC
Isabel Gonçalves CPPC
Isabel Araújo CPPC Read More
Isabel Brandão CAC Read More
Isabel Cristina A. Gonçalves CAC Read More
Ivone Lopes CPPC Read More
Iolanda Jacob
CAC Read More
 [J K]
Joana Alegria Quintela CAC Read More
Joana Caparica CAC
Joana Espincho CAC
Joana Miranda Soalhães             CAC
Joana Patrício CAC Read More
Joana Rocha CAC
Janet Rodrigues CAC
Joaquina Cunha CAC
Jacinto Jardim


Read More
João Girão CPPC Read More
João Lima CAC Read More
João Vidal CAC
João Neves CAC Read More
João Mota CAC
Jorge Osório CAC Read More
Jorge Oliveira CAC
Jorge Paiva CAC
Jorge Ruas CPPC; CCT Read More
Jorge Teixeira Pinto CPPC; CCT Read More
José Andrade CAC Read More
José Araújo CAC Read More
José Manuel Faria CPPC
José Miguel Condesso CPPC
José Pedro Lopes CAC
José Faria Santos CAC
José Sousa Pinto CAC
José Viúla CPPC
José Manuel Coelho CAC
José Faria CAC, CCT Read More
José Manuel S. Dias CAC Read More
José Manuel Quelhas CPPC
José Miguel Cabecinha CAC Read More
Katya Rafael CAC, CCT Read More
Karen GusKuma CAC Read More

Lara Vieira  CAC
Lia Nóbrega CAC Read More
Lídia Isabel A. Jardim CPPC Read More
Licínia Leitão CPPC Read More
Lila Mendes CPPC Read More
Lina Raimundo CAC Read More
Liseta Vieira CAC Read More
Leonor Ferreira
CAC Read More
Luísa Graça CAC
Luís Correia CPPC Read More
Luís Filipe Guimarães CAC
Luís Marrana CAC Read More
Luís Matos CAC Read More
Luís Menezes Nazaré CPPC Read More
Luís Silva CPPC; CCT Read More
Luís Marques CAC Read More
Luisa Tavares CPPC Read More
Luísa Santos Coeho CAC Read More
Lurdes Matos CAC
Lara Vieira
CAC Read More
Ludmila Gonçalves
CAC Read More
Maíra Diniz CPPC Read More
Madalena Ribeiro CAC Read More
Madalena Pereira CAC
Manuel Alçada Alves CAC
Manuela Rodrigues CPPC Read More
Manuela Redol CPPC
Mafalda Guedes CAC
Marcelo Silva  CAC
Margarida Caparica CPPC Read More
Margarida Cochicho CAC
Magda Dias CAC
Marta Pinto  CAC
Marta Enes CAC
Marco Carreira CAC
Márcia Enes CAC
Marcelo Silva CAC ; CCT
Maria Adelaide Santos CPPC; CCT Read More
Maria João Santos CAC
Maria João Viegas CAC
Maria do Carmo Bonina  CAC
Maria Isabel Abreu CAC
Maria José Gonçalves CAC
Maria Clara Diogo CAC
Maria do Carmo Silva CPPC
Maria Emília Morim CPPC
Maria Lurdes Monteiro CAC
Maria Conceição O. Santos CPPC Read More
Maria Lisete Remoaldo CPPC
Maria Cândida Sarmento CAC
Maria de Lurdes Rocha CAC Read More
Maria João Semedo CAC Read More
Maria José Moreira CPPC Read More
Maria Teresa A. de Sousa CPPC Read More
Marta Correia CPPC; CCT Read More
Marta Cunha CPPC Read More
Marta Zenha Ferreira CPPC Read More
Mike Sabina CPPC
Mônica Liberato CPPC Read More
Mónica Gil CPPC
Mónica Simões CAC
Michael Vasco Castelhano CAC
Read More
Miguel Alexandre Moreira CAC Read More
Miguel Ángel de F. García CPPC Read More
Maria de Lurdes Costa
CAC Read More
Marta Morais CAC Read More
Monica Connelly


Read More

Nathalie Bertin Besucco CPPC;CCT Read More
Natércia Ferreira CAC
Nazário Vilhena CAC Read More
Nelson Soares CAC
Nuno Cochicho CPPC
Nuno Faria CPPC Read More
Nuno Teixeira CPPC Read More
Odete da Conceição M. Vasconcelos CAC Read More

Patrícia Brandão CAC
Patrícia Cruz CAC
Patrícia Pais Leite CPPC Read More
Paula Melo CAC Read More
Paula Monteiro CPPC Read More
Paula Fonseca CAC
Paula Neves CAC
Pauline Barreira CPPC Read More
Paulo Bessa Santos CAC Read More
Paulo Madeira Arguelles CAC Read More
Paulo Tavares CAC
Paulo Sá  CAC
Pedro Azevedo CAC Read More
Pedro Fernandes CAC Read More
Pedro Rosa
CAC Read More
Pedro Silva CAC Read More
Paula Gonçalves
Read More
Rafael Rodríguez Díaz CAC Read More
Raquel Covas CAC
Ricardo Cibrão CPPC Read More
Ricardo Rodrigues CPPC
Rita Serôdio CAC Read More
Rodrigo Cardana CPPC Read More
Romeu Oliveira CAC
Rosa Alves CAC
Rosa Lima CAC Read More
Rosa Moniz CAC Read More
Rui Paulo Soares CAC Read More
Rui Pinto CAC Read More

Sandra Cristiana Ferreira Leal CAC Read More
Safira Costa CPPC
Sandra Costa CAC
Sandra Deglaux CPPC, CCT Read More
Sandra Melo Almeida CAC Read More
Sandra Patrícia Gomes Mendes CAC Read More
Sandra Pereira Coutinho CAC Read More
Sandra Leal CPPC
Sandrina Leal CAC
Sara Almeida CPPC
Sara Lopes CAC
Sandra Santos CAC
Sandra Sousa CAC Read More
Sandra Almeida CAC
Sara Abrantes Guerreiro CAC Read More
Sara Lages CAC Read More
Sérgio Almeida CAC Read More
Selma Carvalho CAC
Selma Gonçalves CAC
Shilá Fernandes CAC Read More
Sofia Costa CAC
Sofia Alves Lopes CAC Read More
Sofia Teixeira CAC Read More
Sónia Dias CAC Read More
Susana Cavaco CAC
Sónia da Veiga CPPC Read More
Sónia Ribeiro CAC Read More
Sílvia Paixão CAC
Silvestre Caparica CAC Read More
Soraya Mittica CAC Read More
Susana Castro CAC
Susana Nogueira CAC
Susana Cunha CAC Read More
Sónia Ferreira
CAC Read More
Tânia Vieira CAC
Telmo Marques CPPC Read More
Teresa Antunes CPPC
Teresa Almeida CAC Read More
Teresinha Duque CPPC
Teresa Roque CPPC
Teresa Sousa CPPC
Teresa Maria Garcia Santos CAC Read More
Teresa Maria Lemos Pêgo CAC Read More
Teresa Román CAC Read More
Tomás Baêna CPPC; CCT Read More
Tiago Rodrigues CAC
Tiago Santos CAC
Tânia Quintas
CAC Read More

Vanessa Gomes Pedro CAC Read More
Vânia Carvalho CAC Read More
Vanda Pereira CAC Read More
Vasco Azevedo CAC; CCT Read More
Verónica Fonseca CAC
Vítor Francisco CAC
Vítor Verdelho CAC
Viana Abreu CPMC; CMCT Read More
Virgília Teixeira CPPC; CCT Read More
 [Y Z]
Yves Billiet CAC Read More
Zélia Alves CAC