International Conferences (2013)

Like previous years, the ISPC and its partners organized, during the first quarter of this year, another set of conferences across the country (Lisboa, Leiria, Braga, Guimarães, Porto, ...), attended by more than 400 people.

These events were important contributions in the credibility of Coaching and its methodology, associated with the personal and organizational development as well as in highlighting the role of coaching in the process of positive change

We are Thankful to all participants, speakers and testimonies and hope to meet you all in the next events.

To access the contents, pictures, films and presentations can access the following links:

ISPC/ISQ Seminar "Coaching para a Excelência", Guimarães, January 31 
ISPC Conference "Coaching para a Mudança Positiva", Lisboa, February 6
ISPC/AEP Conference 
"Coaching para a Mudança Positiva", Leça da Palmeira, February 28
ISPC/ISQ Seminar "Coaching e Empreendedorismo", Braga, March 20
ISPC/TGA Conference "Coaching para a Mudança Positiva", Leiria, March 21