ISPC around the world

ISPC has been playing a very important role in the training of new Coaches and Trainers all over the world and therefore has developed several courses and workshops in different countries. Some have just finished and others are about to begin:

1. First level of Coaching in Italy, Milan: 8, 9 April and 6, 7 May
2. First level of Coaching in Dominican Republic: 25, 26, 27 of April
3. Completion of the first promotional level 2, in Mexico, last January 30
4. Level II, Madrid, begun in March 25, 2011
5. Workshop "Wake up Coaching", Barcelona: April 1, 2011. (22 people attended this workshop)
6. Next workshop "Wake up Coaching", in Madrid: June 11, 2011

Other important steps:
1. Establishment of the Association of Professional Coaching of Spain (APCE)
2. Creation of the Spanish Association of Coaching Companies(AEECO)